Customized Support Services

Contracted Case Management

Hammer’s Case Managers support over 800 people who are on both Waiver and Non-Waiver programs through Hammer’s contract with Hennepin County. The waivers that we specialize in are CADI (Community Access for Disability Inclusion), DD (Developmental Disabilities), & BI (Brain Injury) waivers. We have recently expanded our program to allow us to support people who have yet to receive a waiver and participate in Hennepin County’s Non-Waiver Programs, Rule 185 & VADD.

On a daily basis, our Case Managers are going out into the community to the individuals’ homes, performing assessments, writing support plans, and making referrals to service providers to make sure that their clients have everything they need to continue living their lives independently in the community. Some of the services that our Case Managers set up for their clients include, Personal Care Attendants (PCA), Homemaking, Skilled Nursing Visits, Home Delivered Meals, Adult Day Care, Adult Foster Care, Housing Access Coordination, and Independent Living Skills training, etc. Hammer has been providing Case Management services since 2007.

CDCS Support Planning

Our Support Planners assist 370 people who participate in the Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) program. This program allows people who have been granted a waiver to have more flexibility and responsibility for directing their services and supports. Hammer’s Support Planners assists the individuals with researching services and developing a plan that best suits each of their needs. This program serves individuals in Scott, Dakota, Sherburne, Ramsey, Anoka, several SE Minnesota counties as well as Hennepin. Our Support Planners are always on the go!

Medica Care Coordination

Our Medica Care Coordinators work with over 300 individuals enrolled in Medica’s SNBC (Special Needs Basic Care) program, which is one of their Medical Assistance Managed Care options. Our Care Coordinators are focused on the health care needs of their members and work to ensure that these needs are met. This includes, but is not limited to, completing Health Risk Assessments with their members on an annual basis, ensuring that each member is able to have access to the medications and medical equipment that they require, and help with identifying Primary Care Physicians that work within the member’s Medica network. Medica Care Coordinators assist their members in navigating, and understand their health care benefits that they receive.

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