Take a #RalphieSelfie

Where will Ralph go with you? Let’s see how many experiences he can have!

Exercise, dance, explore, meet new friends, go to work, ride the bus, shop, have coffee, go to the movies… There is no limit!

Hi! I’m the real Ralph and the inspiration for this other guy.


In the 1920’s I was misunderstood and people believed I should live in an institution with hundreds of other people.  Alvina Hammer believed in me. She believed that I deserved to live in a loving environment, a home setting that would focus on my abilities and desires to express myself. Miss Hammer was my first teacher. I had a good life at Hammer for more than 60 years. I had great support from many loving caregivers who knew me and helped me live a full life.

Today, Ralph embodies the spirit of Hammer, a community of people who respect individual’s abilities, whose collective spirit makes dreams come true and whose innovations continue to lead the way for people living with disabilities.

Do you know someone with a disability?

We do. At Hammer, caregivers are side-by-side with people like Ralph, spending each day doing just what you do, living life.

You too can support people supported by Hammer. Take and share a RalphieSelfie, and help us bring awareness to abilities. Let’s all accept, embrace, and enjoy the company of people of all abilities.

RalphieSelfie can stand alongside you, with friends. Or hold Ralph UP and let him be the focus! Share your pictures of Ralph online through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc!

Join the fun. Join the cause. #RalphieSelfie

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