Honor Our Caregivers

Daniel shares a special relationship with his trusted caregiver, Emily.






My son, Daniel, responds best to familiar caregivers. Since he is mostly non-verbal, he needs caregivers he knows and trusts, and hands-on attention for his safety, daily living and personal hygiene. With each new caregiver and experience, his anxiety goes up.

The turnover of the daily caregivers is high. The wonderful caregivers have a lot of responsibility, for not much money, and they simply burn out. Hammer uses fundraised dollars from folks like you and me to do more for their caregivers, to support their commitment to my son and so many others.

Your gift today will support caregiver training programs, years of service bonuses, emergency car repairs, education scholarships and more. Every gift is an investment that will help to keep quality caregivers at Hammer with Daniel and so many other vulnerable people.

Daniel needs you and his caregivers need you too.

Let’s show the caregivers at Hammer that we care for them!





Cindy Farrell, Daniel’s Mom