SKOL! Hammer Travel Takes a Trip to Vikings Training Camp

The trip that generates the most interest, the most excitement, and the brightest color scheme is the Hammer Travel Vikings Training Camp trip. This trip fills up about 6 months in advance. We have travelers that come home from the trip on Wednesday and call on Friday to sign up for next year! That is how popular and special this trip has become.
The Hammer Travel group is given VIP status, including a Vikings swag bag, free water bottles, and special parking passes positioned along the route as players go to and from the field. All the players stop to chat, give autographs, and take pictures. When you see pictures of fans waiting for 45 minutes in a long line just to get a single autograph, you realize what a special experience the Hammer Travel trip really is. And to think it all started with bowling!
Years ago, my daughter joined an adaptive bowling league that met on Saturdays.  She befriended another girl that had the same affinity for bowling. They became friends and would hang out together on Saturdays. Often times the moms and/or dads would tag along just for fun, or would talk as we wait for our daughters to finish their activity, and another friendship was created. 
This girl’s father just happened to be the general manager of the Vikings. When I asked him if they would be willing to do something special for our travelers, he didn’t hesitate.
It all started with a love of bowling, and 2 girls who became friends.  
-Ann Martinka, Hammer Travel Customer Relations