At Hammer, one thing is certain. We cannot close.

Many businesses and non-profits have closed or reduced their hours of service.  The places where those we serve typically work are closing, as they should.

At Hammer, this means our staffing needs and costs have dramatically increased! 285 individuals are at their Hammer home 24/7 being cared for by 375 essential healthcare workers, our Direct Support Professionals. 

We are not funded for these daytime hours.

Hammer caregivers are making incredible sacrifices like so many of you, to care for both their own families and our Hammer family.

We are spending whatever is needed on medical supplies and personal protections equipment to keep those we serve and our caregivers safe and secure.

No matter how long this lasts, you need to know we will continue to care for individuals living in our homes and apartments.


We need your financial support right now to help our most vulnerable citizens, to keep them safe and well cared for.

Thank YOU in advance.

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