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Kris is an active member of the community. She makes sure to have a clear understanding of what each candidate represents and gets out and votes during election season. She is a self-advocate, something she’s been passionate about since she was bullied in high school. Because of her experience, she wanted to make bookmarks that encourage respect. When she is not advocating, Kris works at Allianz, helping with various tasks around the office.

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Michael is a performer at heart. He has worked at Anodyne Artist Company for the past few years, participating in various shows. Although performing is his passion, he makes sure to get out and advocate for individuals with disabilities. For example, Michael has gone to an elementary school in Plymouth to explain to children what it means to have a disability. He hopes that through acting and volunteering, he can educate people and eliminate the stigma around having a disability.

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Joe focuses on volunteering at several events at which he can raise disability awareness. He often explains what it means to live with a disability. He is knowledgeable about politics, and wants to help maintain funding for disability services, such as housing and transportation. Joe votes during every election to ensure that funding is not lost for individuals with disabilities. Aside from being an advocate, Joe loves working at his job in Downtown Minneapolis. He helps out around the office, and enjoys making a difference there and in his community.