Fundraise for Hammer

Thank You for Fundraising for Hammer!




Setting up a Facebook Fundraiser is the easiest way to support Hammer. The most successful efforts include a photograph of you with someone who has a developmental disability. If you have one, find it. If you don’t have one take one. Be ready to upload it to Facebook.

How to Set Up a Facebook Fundraiser for step by step instructions to guide you.

To set up a Facebook Fundraiser visit our page at:

Here is an example: Every year Sheryl Butler sets up a fundraiser for her birthday. She recently shared this photo of her with her son and she raised $800 this year.


Dare to be Different!

There are many other ways to raise funds for Hammer.

  • Run a 10K in honor of Hammer.
  • Add Hammer to your wedding gift registry
  • Dedicate your garage sale to Hammer
  • Host a fundraising party in your home.
  • Add a donate button to your next Evite.

Hammer Residences is approved, or could be, by every fundraising tool you might be considering.
If you have a different idea please contact