Tune in to our new Podcast “Hammer Conversations” hosted by Brian Kelly, Director of In-Home Services and Program Coordinator.  

The purpose our weekly podcast series is to help families, people we support, staff, and community members cut through this confusing, acronym filled field and get to the heart of issues.

Each week, Brian will have guests on the podcast who bring their expertise to share with listeners, and while we are at it, we’ll have a little fun of course. 

Please feel free to share these resources with anyone who is looking to learn more about disability services and Hammer Residences.

Episode 7: Communication Triangle

Episode 6: Travel

Episode 5: Communication

Episode 4: Self Care

Episode 3: Nursing at Hammer Residences

Episode 2: Finding Residential Placement at Hammer Residences

Episode 1: Overview and Welcome to Hammer Podcasts