Julie Wesley Wong

Board Secretary, Family Member
Osseo School District – Early Childhood Special Education Teacher/Evaluator

Julie’s connection to Hammer began when her brother, Mickey, moved in to Hammer’s Boys Floor in 1978. He was 11 years old and Julie was 12 years old. It has been more than 40 years since that big day. Julie is glad to say that her brother still lives a happy and full life at Hammer.

Over the years, Julie has witnessed many great changes in how Hammer provides services and she is pleased with the direction in which Hammer is going. She has known many of the individuals served by Hammer through the years and has watched them grow up from children to now middle age adults. Julie has also gotten to know several staff members along the way. The relationships that she has built over all these years are so important to both Julie and her brother.

Their mother, Mary, was on the Hammer Board for several years. She instilled the importance of serving the community and giving back in Julie. When Mary was no longer on the Board, she served on committees. When she was not able to serve on her last committee due to her age and illness, Julie was able to serve in her place for several months.

Julie’s mother was a long-time donor to Hammer. Julie has also been a regular monthly donor for several years, and as her husband’s company has grown, they have increased their donations to Hammer.