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In-Home Support Services

Our In-Home Support Services allow staff to support individuals in a manner that works best for each person. For some, that support takes place in their own home, for others, it may be at home with their parents. Our experienced staff members are committed to helping individuals to increase their independence and self-determination. We work with each individual to customize his/her supports to best meet needs, preferences, and desires.

In-Home staff support includes meeting daily needs, such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, or self-care. Support can also mean helping individuals make connections in the community around them. Additionally, In-home can ensure the continuity of medical needs, helping to maintain health and safety. We regularly report the progress of outcomes and are committed to assisting each individual to determine their path and achieve their desired goals. Our staff members can also provide an assessment as necessary.

Individuals can participate in a variety of fun activities – from cooking, knitting and exercise groups to movie and game nights to attending sporting events, festivals, and fairs. We recognize that recreation and opportunities to meet with friends are part of experiencing life to its fullest. Each year we gather input on the types of activities that resonate with those we support and offer them as popular benefits to experience.

Our In-Home Support Services team customizes daily supports to best meet the needs and desires of each individual served, including self-care, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and making community connections. We help maintain the health and safety of each individual by providing consistency in their medical needs. Assessments, progress reports, and outcomes are also provided to assist in determining the right path towards achieving goals.

In-Home staff members have completed the training required for licensed providers and continually update their education through our state-of-the-art training program. When an individual has an additional need, Hammer also offers specialized training. Our In-Home staff are supervised, paid and receive benefits through Hammer.